Some time ago I was asking my friends who know Photoshop to create some cool tattoos on my photos. But there are some troubles, for example you have to organize your photos, tattoos etc. DesignsTattoo offers great possibility to create and organize your inked photos without knowledge in Photoshop or other difficult software very easily. Jeff, Phoenix
It's so cool to create tattooed photos of your friend and yourself. Create gifts for friends or family members. DesignsTattoo is unbelievably easy to use and organize your works and I can use it all year long, limitless. Just great! Jin, Boston
You if you don't know how to use Photoshop and you don't have time to learn it but you still want to easily apply tattoos to your photos then I recommend you to sign up and use DesignsTattoo. This is very simple and handy tool for this purpose. Lucy, Indianapolis
I'm entry-level tattoo master and sometimes my customers want to see how a tattoo that they've chosen will look like on them. And I found such interesting thing as DesignsTattoo, it's easy and very cheap in comparison with big application with many features that I don't need. Jeremy, Washington DC
There is so much fun with DesignsTattoo, it is very small but it provides all necessary tools for creating, customizing, organizing and sharing your tattooed pictures over internet and Social Networks. And I can use it all year long. Britney, Seattle
Me and my friend singed up for using DesignsTattoo and have so much fun. We are pulling our friend's leg applying funny tattoos to their photos. And I suppose they are up to take revenge but we already armed and very dangerous :) Fred, Salt Lake City
I'm going to make my first permanent tattoo and I have to say that it is pretty scary. You just don't know how it will look like on you or will it become you at all. It is such step when you just have to be careful. I've found on web DesignsTattoo and now I can easily select my first tattoo. Ben, LA
I'm tattoo fan and I already have great area of my skin tattooed. I've signed up for using DesignsTattoo because it is very handy to map out your tattoos on your own photos with help of this app. Besides it's very convenient to organize your works and show your friends versions in your gallery to ask an advice from them. Brenda, Denver
We all know that today Social Networks are highly popular and many people have conversations only in there, many of your friend just don't know how real things are going on. So you can have some fun creating cool tattoos on your body with help of DesignsTattoo and surprise your online friends. Alex, NYC
DesignsTattoo is a great little app with good functional. It has many features and possibilities for creating and organizing your tattoo works, you even can take instant shot from your webcam and it will be ready for editing at once. I think that DesignsTattoo is perfect for it's purpose. Samuel, Oklahoma
I wonder if there is something like this on the internet. Marvelous thing. I've played whole day with this application. Susan, Philadelphia
Thank you for providing such great possibility to design your own plan of tattoos on the body. Jack, LA
Nice thing this app. Easy to use and so much fun with it. You either may seriously use it to map out your tattoos on you or pull someone's leg. Mr. Boo, Kansas
It's like a blind date. You want it, but you don't know what to expect. I've tried this application and saw that tattoo that I wanted earlier is not exactly what I need. It’s cool to have such kind of preview. George, NYC
I was afraid that my first tattoo will look terribly on me. Thanks to your app I was able to select tattoo exactly as I wanted. Sandi, LA