Wolf tattoos

Wolf tattoo designs are popular among both men and women. They are mostly often made on back or on shoulders. Wolf tattoo designs have a number of meanings, but the most widely spread is courage, endurance, ability for adaptation to the outside world and the love for family.

Wolf is a symbol of velour and heroism (for Romans and Egyptians), courage, ferocity, brutality and endurance. Wolfs also often symbolized victory and faith. Wolf is one of the main symbols of military proves, that’s why wolf tattoo designsare so popular among men. The cult of wolves existed among Vikings. A wolf was also a sacred animal of Greek god Apollon and Roman god of war Mars. In Middle Ages the wolf’s image acquired negative connotation. Wolves began to symbolize ferocity, cunningness and greed. Wolf pack was often associated with a bandit gang. But on the first place, a wolf is a symbol of freedom and fearlessness. And this is one of the most important reasons of wolf tattoo designs popularity. People often want to be free, independent and fearless like wolves. In earlier times wolves were thought to be totems in many cultures and wolf tattoo designs were made as signs of protection.

Wolves are also very faithful animals. They choose only one pair and are faithful for the whole life. Family is very important for wolves and by wolf tattoo designs people often reveal their attitude to the family.

Wolf is also a symbol of fairness and ambition. In Scandinavia mythology there is a legend about wolf Fenrir, who will devour the sun in the end of times. For Chinese a wolf is a symbol of voracity and greediness. In ancient legend Indians save a quail of day from the wolf of night. Wolves are sometimes associated with werewolves, powerful creatures of the night. So wolf tattoos can have different connotations.

The meaning of wolf tattoo designs also highly depends on the form of tattoo itself. If the wolf is depicted snarling, it means rage, malice, fearlessness and cruelty.
But tattoo designs with a wolf howling at the moon have absolutely different meaning. Such tattoo design can mean a significant loss but at the same time people with such tattoos stubbornly pursue their goals. Wolf tattoo designs are also often associated with loneliness.
On the whole wolf tattoo designs have ambiguous meaning: aggressive and calm, faithful and independent. Wolves are important personages in the mythologies of peoples of Europe and North America. People composed songs about wolves; wolves were honored and afraid of. There is nothing strange that already in ancient times many people made wolf tattoo designs. But not everybody could wear such tattoos. Wolf tattoos were associated with chiefs, military leaders and rulers. And today wolf tattoo designs are still very attractive for many people. Some people make these tattoo designs to reveal their braveness and strong will, but often wolf tattoo designs are made as sign of faithfulness and love for family.