Lion Tattoo Design

The lion’s roar is a very loud sound yet it is one of the most pleasant sounds for its power timbre. Many years lions were associated with courage, braveness and incredible power and strength. Lots of cultures used the image of roaring lion over times as a symbol for standards, banners, emblems and of course for tattoo designs.

The lion is well know as “King of all animals” and many kingdoms used lion as image for money, medals, logos, coat of arms because lion was considered as something royal and noble.

Nowadays Tattoo masters are able to print very realistic looking lion tattoo designs. They may create any mood with help of the lion appearing on your body, it can be either calm and represent nobility, or it can be in the state of jump for its pray with jaws opened wide or even as if the lion crawls out of your own skin, actually.

The dimensions of the tattoo design may be as small like few inches so and up to spreading over your entire back for example. So there are next to all size available in this design. You may either want to ink only head of the lion on your shoulder or delta, or to tattoo animal in full height and place it on your back. It is totally up to you what size and type of lions tattoo design will be place on your body.

The colors of lion tattoo design may look the same yet very different and they are amazing because of skin, mouth, mane, eyes and nose. Of course you’re free to make mono-colored tattoo design of the lion, however good tattoo artist can handle multi-color image and believe me it will look much more beautiful, such image will bring truthful depth of the picture and will represent magnificence of the animal in even way.

You may not just have lion tattoo design on your skin, you can to add some kind of background for the tattoo so the animal will look like it in its natural habitat among plains and prairies of Africa or like it crawling from the ambush to kill doomed pray. If you will add some kind of colorful background it will make lion tattoo design stand out from others and will not look flat in any way.

The price of the tattoo will be based not only on size, but also how much details you wish to have, this rule also fits any other type of tattoo design. If you will decide to use multiple colors in your design, be ready that price will increase. And if you will consider feral lion tattoo design walking through its natural habitat like background, be ready for additional expenditures.

A magnificent animal in its natural beauty and grace will make feeling of strength, power and noble of the bearer, so be sure that you meet the requirements. If you do, so lion tattoo design is great choice.